Workshops and Remote Training

The Power of Lighting Workshops have been attended by professionals from nearly every major U.S. television network and cable channel, including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, ESPN, Fox, Discovery, E!, HBO, Showtime, Time Warner, Disney and many of America’s top corporations, including Bank of America, Boeing, Intel, NFL, FBI, Motorola, NASA and many more.

Digital production has changed … LEDs have taken the industry by storm! Understanding the craft of lighting is more important now than ever. Whether you are shooting for still or motion images, you need to be able to light quickly and effectively in today’s competitive market.

San Francisco-based Cinematographer & Lighting Designer Bill Holshevnikoff has been teaching information-packed workshops since 1992. These workshops will change the way you light and shoot!

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Today, Bill provides live workshops in studios and locations around the globe, but times have changed — and REMOTE WORKSHOPS AND LIGHTING SUPERVISION ARE NOW AVAILABLE.

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