Now you can create the interesting light patterns you want, without all the time-consuming work. No more chopping tree branches, removing Venetian blinds from windows or adding foliage. Learn more about Window Patterns

Digital cameras have changed production — and understanding the craft of lighting is more important now than ever. Whether you are shooting for still or motion images, you need to be able to light quickly and effectively in today’s competitive market. Learn more about The Power of Lighting Workshops

Since 1992, Bill Holshevnikoff has taught his Power of Lighting Workshops to thousands of film, television and corporate video professionals across North America and around the globe. Bill has been lighting and shooting award-winning broadcast, corporate and documentary programming for over 30 years.
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Download The Lighting Passport. Throughout Bill’s years of international travel for film and video productions, he has always wished for a visual guide of lighting and production images to help communicate without the need for language or translation.
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